This podcast is for every woman nearing or past 50 who isn’t prepared to fade away! 
Sure, you might be hitting the menopause, but you still have loads you want to accomplish! You still have unfulfilled ambitions, goals and dreams that have been put on hold for too long… (maybe whilst you were focusing on bringing up your family or building a career.)

BUT…now is your time to shine and shake things up and my aim with this podcast is to help you do that.

Hi, I’m Sarah, a middle-aged woman about to hit the menopause, but I’m not going to let my age, or convention, stop me from doing all the things that fire me up! 
I want to keep inspired and motivated on my own journey, so I thought I’d start this podcast to do that for me, and hopefully for you too.

This is NOT a show about the menopause.

In this show, you’re going to get food for thought, stories, inspirational ‘hot flush rebel’ guest interviews with women who are doing great things later in life, and things I’m discovering on my own journey. If you have a story or guest that you want to share, then find me on Instagram @hotflushrebels and send me a DM… (oh and if you like the show please leave a review to help others find it).

Nearly there...
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